Liscombe Park EC has expanded slowly over the last 20 years, we now boast fantastic faciltities for both our riding school and Livery yard


Our bright and airy indoor arena was purpose built 9 years ago. The arena is 20m x 45m which allows us to enjoy dressage competitions and easily accomodates jumping lessons and pole excercises. The mezzanine gallery allows spectators to view and hear what's going on in the arena from a raised position, allowing a clearer view. Riding can also be viewed from the cafe window downstairs. The arena itself has a well maintained surface with large kickboards and six specialised mirrors, these are a brillaint aid for you to use when riding. 

Our outdoor arena is positioned alongside the indoor one. It is larger and so lends itself to long arena dressage and jumping courses, as well as group lessons. We often use this arena as a warm up for our competitions. This arena is 30m x 60m. The permimeter of this arena is a large bank, which acts to sheild the horse and rider from wind. he back drop of the woods behind LPEC's stable's make a lovely backdrop, whatever the season. This arena is flood lit, allowing us to continue lesssons into the evenings.

The third arena is over on the 'working livery' yard. This arena is smaller, at 20m x 40m so it's ideal for smaller groups and more novice riders. This arena is used by the liveries of LPEC and for occasional lessons. This arena is flood lit, allowing us to continue riding into the evenings.

Cross Country Field

We have a very inviting and low-key cross country field, just between the two stable yards. This field had around 30-40 jumps in, ranging in height but mostly from poles on the ground up to 70cm. There are a couple of extra jumps which are up to 1m. This field can be hired by LPEC liveries and also non liveries. Please send us an email to arrange hire. The jumps out here are lots of natural fences, such as logs and rustic slants. There is a small hill in the field but other than that the field is on flat ground. If you own your own horse then we can also teach you out here, register and follow the instructions on our 'how to book' page. 

Grass Rings 

We have three large grass arena's, two of which have a course of show jumps set out through the months of April- October. These rings are used for competitions and can be hired out by horseowners. We also teach a lot of lessons out here, for riders of all ages from learning to steer over poles up to jumping courses. To hire these please email us at

Hacking Tracks

We have the luxury of six miles of off road hacking around the Liscombe Park Estate. There are several routes on well-maintained grass tracks. The hacking is exclusive to Liscombe Park Liveries enabling us to offer regular assisted hacks to clients and liveries, as well as walkouts to our less experienced clients.

Stable Yards

We have two stable yards at LPEC. They are both wooden built stables with plenty of hardstanding and designed to allow the horses a good view of each other, which keeps them calm and settled. 

The non working livery yard is for horses that are not used on the riding school. This yard comprimises of 30 stables and four storage boxes, a hot shower room and solarium and secure tack rooms. Each stable has an automatic water feeder with fresh, warm water to prevent them freezing over. The windows allow good ventilation and can be adjusted to suit the weather. Each stable has rubber matting to the door. The whole yard is well lit for winter months. There's a large area for hardstand out the front and smaller area at the rear, with another hosepipe for washing off. 

The working livery yard has a 'U' shape, with another run of smaller pony stables too. These stables are also wooden, with rubber matting and automatic water feeders. This yard has it's own feed room and storage too. 

Our Fields

A large majority of the horses kepy at LPEC enjoy herd turn out, they're turned out in groups dependant on their size and gender. We feel that this benefits the horses by allowing them to interact and groom, play and it keeps them relaxed and content. The large fields at LPEC lend themselves to group turnout and give the horses room to roam. The fields are mostly fenced with post and rail and also some hedge rows. There are also some smaller paddocks for turnout in pairs or individually for those that need it. We also have a specialised paddock to keep stallions which has 6 foot post and rail fencing. 

Car Park

Our car park is at the front of the indoor arena. It is lit in the evenings and is large enough to cater for all visitors, even on show days. 

The Coffee Barn

We have an onsite cafe at our reception, serving hot and cold drinks, snacks and meals. Open seven days a week. This is where the viewing gallery for the indoor arena is. We have double doors which open up onto a spectators spot for the grass arenas.