Equiventure is an events company based at L.P.E.C. Liscombe liveries get a discount on entries and can enter classes through their riding account. All other competitors need to enter all classes on the Equiventure equine website.


Saturday 23rd October. Combined Training Event (Dressage and Show-jumping Show)

12pm Onwards. 

Class 1 - Equiventure Walk and Trot Dressage test and X Poles 

Class 2 - Equiventure Walk and Trot Dressage test and 30cm jumps. 

Class 3 - Equiventure Walk and Trot Dressage test. DRESSAGE ONLY.  

Class 4 -Intro C Dressage test and 50cm jumps. 

Class 5 - Intro C Dressage test and 60cm-70cm jumping 

Class 6 -Intro C DRESSAGE ONLY.

Class 7 - Prelim 18 Dressage and 70cm-80cm jumping. 

Class 8 - Prelim 18 DRESSAGE ONLY. 


27th October Fun Clear Round 

(liscombe liveries £10 entry for two rounds)

  • x poles
  • 40-50cm 
  • 40-50cm (Pairs)
  • 50-60cm
  • 60-70cm (Pairs) 


Sunday 31st October. One Day Event.  

From 1pm onwards

Class 1 - Equiventure Dressage Test, 30cm jumping. 

Class 2 - Equiventure Dressage Test, 40cm jumping. 

Class 3 - Intro C Dressage Test, 50cm jumping. 

Class 4 - Intro C Dressage Test, 60cm jumping.

Class 5 - BE 90 Test 92 (2009) Dressage, 70cm Jumping

Class 6 - BE 90 Test 92 (2009) Dressage, 80cm Jumping