March 2021 - We are looking forward to welcoming back Clients for riding lessons From April 1st. 

However, restrictions are still in place so we have carefully put together a schedule of lessons which allows a variety of small groups and privates whilst maintaining a safe number of clients on site at any time. We still require you to be mindful of social distancing and please sanitise your hands reguarly while on site and wear a mask when indoors. Staff are working hard to clean tack and equipment to keep Liscombe a safe environment for everyone. 

Booking – Please only use the group section of the booking page to book ALL lessons. Each lesson has a label to let you know if it’s a private, semi-private or group. IF you are booking a semi-private then you must have a friend or family member who is going to book the other part of the lesson. Please do not use the private facility of the booking system at all.


Cancellation Policy

If for any reason at all you choose to cancel your lesson, you must do so with more than 24 hours’ notice of the lesson start time. This cannot be done by us and will need to be done through your LPEC account. You will then receive the full amount that you paid for the lesson as credit on your account, this can be used to book another lesson. If the lesson is cancelled after the 24 hours’ notice period, then you will not receive any credit or a refund of any type. Please note that this includes severe weather such as snow.

Riding Hat Hire

We offer riding hat hire from LPEC. If you do not have your own riding hat, then please select the ‘hat hire’ option when booking. The £2 fee will be added to the cost of your lesson. LPEC riding hats are stored at reception, please allow an extra few minutes to fit a hat before your ride. Please note that riding hat hire is included in holiday activities.

What To Wear

Horse riding can be a dangerous sport. It is essential that you read and adhere to this section.

We offer riding hat hire for riders who don’t have their own. If you do have your own riding hat then please ensure that it is up to the following safety standard PAS 015 ((BS) EN 1385 is no longer in current safety regulations).

You’ll need to wear boots, with a small heel and that aren’t clumpy or wide. If your boots are too wide, then this will affect your foot in the stirrup and could cause it to get stuck. Wellies are fine. You will not be able to ride in trainers.

Your lesson may be outdoors, so please dress appropriately for the weather, in hot weather you may need sun cream and must have your shoulders and arms covered. In cold weather we advise on wearing a thin rain jacket.

Gloves are advised as the reins can cause blisters on your hands.


Lesson Prices


Lessons must be booked under GROUP bookings, please do not book any lessons using the private option. We are following a phased plan of re-opening and are able to offer small group lessons and private lead-rein lessons.

Please follow our riding school Facebook page and the update page on the web site for more information. If you'd like to speak to someone please text or Whatsapp Hayley on 07980007943.




Prices of lessons from 1st August 2020


Lessons with tacking and untacking included



1 hr 15 min Private



1 hr 15 min Semi-Private



1 hr 15 min Group 



These lessons will consist of 45 minutes of riding. You will also be able to groom and tack up your horse before your lesson as well as untack afterwards.



Riding Only Lessons 



30 Minute


Not currently available

45 Minute



 These lessons will be riding only sessions so won’t include tacking up before or un-tacking afterwards.







1 hour Private (30 mins riding)



1 hour Group (30 mins riding)



Sunday Funday’s!


We have a new activity on Sunday’s from 9.45am-1.45pm. These are aimed at our level 1 & 2 riders. As the children have missed out on spending time with their favourite ponies through lockdown, we will be running these activities each Sunday. The children will ride as a small group for at least 45 minutes. These activities are perfect for any pony mad children who would like to progress onto our pony loan scheme. There is more information on loaning a pony from us HERE.