Children's Pony Club

For children who would like to come to the stables for more than a riding lesson, but aren't yet ready to comit to a pony loan, we offer pony club sessions. These are jam-packed sessions which include learning stable management and fun, engaging riding lessons. The children who attend these sessions learn skills required to care for their pony as well as the opportunity to participate in activities we don't usually get the chance to do in our regular lessons. Think; pony assault courses, gymkhana's, lots of summer hacking, riding to the fields after lessons, bareback and more!

We offer 2 sessions of pony club lessons for children on tuesday after school and sunday afternoons. 

Tuesday pony club is suitable for children riding at level 3 and aged 8 years and over. Children attending can be dropped off at the stables at 4.30pm and collected from the cafe between 6.30pm-7pm. These sessions are bookable on the online booking system in the same way as lessons. 

Sunday pony club is suitable for children riding at level 2 & 3, aged 6 and over. Children attending this session can be dropped off at the stables at 1pm and collected at 3.30pm. 

Pony Loan

Once we feel that the children are competent and have enough experience behind them to progress onto the next step, we offer a pony loan opportunity. 

Pony loaners are allocated a pony of their own to care for and ride on Wednesday and Thursday evenings after school. 

Children who have shown that they can competently complete the tasks which are taught to them in their stable management lessons and are asked by a member of staff, can also come and help out at weekends. Weekend helpers must also attend the pony club session each week that they come to help too. 

We offer heavily discounted lessons amd arena hires for loaners to join on their evening to ride which are optional.

Every pony club attendee is required to have their own insurance policy before the start. We suggest the BHS gold membership.

During the pony club sessions children will take part in relevant and fun lessons in both stable management and riding. Groups will be split to suit the children's ability. 


Adult Loan                                                       £275.00 PCM 

Adult Loan                                                        £275.00 PCM 

We have several horses available for loan to suit adult riders. Our horses are suitable for intermediate and advanced riders.

Adults are able to ride 3 days a week, including one weekend day.

Every adult loaner and pony club attendee are required to have their own insurance policy before the start of their loan, we suggest the BHS gold membership.

Payment for the loan must be made by direct debit on 1st of each month. We require one month’s verbal notice to end the loan agreement.

We like to get to know each rider before starting a loan agreement with you, and so we will only loan our ponies out to riders that have ridden with us for a minimum of three months.

If you would like to register your interest, then please book a lesson via the website. Please book a private lesson, and add a note to your booking to explain that you’re interested in this scheme.