How To Book

·       Register on the website


·       Add a rider to your account for each person who’d like to ride (please fill in all info accurately).


·       Go to ‘Make a Booking’


·       Click on the date to open a calendar. Select the date of when you’d like to book a lesson.


·       You’ll be able to see and book onto lessons suitable for beginners. If you are not a beginner, please book onto a private lesson so that we can assess you.


·       Add your booking to the basket and check out.


·       You’ll receive a confirmation email. Please check to ensure your booking is correct.


·       Please check out the What to Wear page to make sure you are dressed appropriately.


·       Arrive 5-10 minutes before your lesson. Lead rein lessons will meet in the café. For other bookings, please wait outside the office on the stable yard.



Which Lesson Should You Book?

We take riders from the age of 4.

CHILDREN. For children who are beginners or have not ridden for a while, we advise you to book a lead rein lesson. These are 30-minute lessons with no grooming. We don’t advise booking private lessons for beginner children, they learn just as much from group lessons at this stage.

Children who are capable of walking, trotting, and cantering independently can book a private lesson. We can then use your private slot as an assessment and advise a suitable group for future bookings.

ADULTS. Please book a private slot to start with, we have 1 hour 15 minute sessions (45 minutes riding and 15 minutes either side to tack/ untack) or 30 mins just riding lessons available.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider we can use this lesson to assess you, we can then change your grade if needed to allow you to view more lessons of a higher standard for future bookings. 

If you are still unsure or would like to have a chat with someone, please text (please don’t call) Hayley on 07980007943 with your name, rider level and lesson which you’re enquiring about.



To be able to book a lesson, you must register as a client and add a rider to your account for every person who will ride with us, including yourself. It is essential that we have accurate details for each rider as we use the height and weight to allocate each rider with a suitable horse or pony unless we have these, we cannot take a booking as our insurance will be invalid.

Please also ensure that you have a mobile number as your contact so that we can text you if any lessons need to be changed.

Until you’ve been upgraded, any lesson that you can see will be suitable for you as a beginner or new rider to us. We have a grading system and so new riders are graded a level 1; we can then update your grade once you’ve completed an assessment. This will open your account to show you suitable lessons for you.

There is more information on the other pages of the website, including our cancellation policy, what to wear and more details of lessons that we offer including prices.