What's next?

Once your child has learnt the basics of riding on their lessons at LPEC they may wish to progress to being more involved with the ponies and care for them through a loan scheme, we offer several different packages, designed to suit your childs age and ability. 

If you would like your child to join in one of these pony clubs then please get in contact by email to katie at liscombeparkec@aol.com.

The packages are outlined below;


None of these pony loan schemes require you to care for the pony outside of these allocated times, the staff at LPEC look after the ponies for the rest of the time, likewise there are no extra costs involved or expected from you other than those stated on this page EG vets costs or broken equipment. You will not be permitted to visit or catch in the ponies outside of the allocated times.



This pony loan is aimed at children who are off the lead rein and learning to cantering unaided.

The children arrive at the stables at 4pm and are shown how to tack the ponies up (put on their bridles and saddles). They then mount and ride from 4.30-5pm. After their riding lesson the children have half an hour of being shown how to untack and either take the pony back to their field or put them to bed in their stable (checking the haynet and rugging up) this depends on the ponies routine. The children will ride the same pony most weeks, which helps to build a bond. Riders on this package receive a 20% discount on group lessons and holiday activities. 

Every Monday 4pm-5.30pm





This pony loan is aimed at children that are 10 years and older, currently riding on a 45 minute lesson and are starting to learn to jump.

On Mondays the children will arrive at 5pm and need to be collected at 6.30pm. They will ride for 45 minutes in this time. They'll also be taught how to care for the the ponies as below.

On Wednesday's the children can arrive straight from school at around 4pm and left with us until 7pm, when they must be collected from the coffee shop. The riding lessons will work towards something specific for several weeks in a row, eg jumping, poles or hacking we find that this really encourages the children and improves their riding skills and confidence. After their lesson the children are taught how to untack their pony and put it to bed, topping up their hay, skipping out their stables etc. The children have a pony allocated to them.

Level two of the LPEC pony club is the next step up from level one, the children are always supervised by a member of staff but are shown new skills and taught the responsibility of caring for a pony. 

Every Monday 5pm-6.30pm & Wednesday 4pm-7pm




This pony loan scheme is aimed at children aged 12 and over and really gives your child the feel of owning their own pony but with much less maintenence and no unexpected costs. 

Children are allowed on site during any of the opening hours, and are responsible for catching in their pony, caring for it whilst it's in, and then turning it back out afterwards. They can use the outdoor arena and hacking tracks and can hire any other facilities. 

Children that loan ponies from us are expected to help out one day at the weekend. This is 9-5pm or 8.30-4.30pm and you will get a helper ride within this time. By helping out one day you really become more involved and part of the yard. You are also welcome to come and help on any holiday activities which we have throughout the school holidays. The childen gets points for helping during the holidays which can then be used to "pay" for lessons and /or attending and particpating in some of our shows .

Livery club is also included in this package. This is a weekly club that the children can attend and have a lesson or supervised ride, as well as learning horse care on the ground. This takes place on a wednesday from 4-7pm.

Members of Pony Club level 3 receive £10 discount from private or semi private lesson and £6 discount from group bookings.

The cost of PC level three is £215 pcm, loaners are also required to pay for the pony's farrier treatments (£20/ £40 approx every 6 weeks) and worming costs (between £8-£10 approx every quarter).