How to book a lesson

All lessons are booked online, we cannot take booking on the phone or by email.

You’ll need to register then add a rider to your account for each person who is going to ride; yourself, your children etc will all need to be added as their own rider. Please add each detail correctly, including height and weight as we use these to assign an appropriate horse. Once you’ve registered you can browse lesson availability. All lessons are found under the group section. Please see the section below to see which lesson would be best to book. The best way to check availability is to check lessons on the system, as it is always up to date. Search through dates using the calendar. Once you’ve selected the lesson you can then add multiple lessons to your basket. Lessons will only remain in your basket for 30 minutes; you’ll need to complete the booking and pay in full to secure the booking. You will receive a confirmation email immediately.


Which Lesson Should You Book?

CHILDREN. For children who are beginners or have not ridden for a while, we advise you to book a lead rein lesson. These are 30-minute lessons with no grooming. We don’t advise booking private lessons for beginner children, they learn just as much from group lessons at this stage.

Children who are capable of walking, trotting and cantering independently can join a group lesson if they come regularly with us. For children at this level who have had a break or are new to us, please book a private slot. We can then use your private slot as an assessment and advise a suitable group for future bookings.

We take riders from the age of 4. For Children who have already turned 4 but not yet started school, there is a weekly lesson at 1.30pm each Thursday. 

ADULTS. Please book a private slot to start with, we have either 1 hour sessions (30 mins riding and 15 mins on the ground to tack/ untack) or 1 hour 15 minute sessions (45 minutes riding and 15 minutes either side to tack/ untack)

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider we can use this lesson to assess you, we can then change your grade if needed to allow you to view more lessons of a higher standard for future bookings. 

If you are still unsure or would like to have a chat with someone, please text (please don’t call) Hayley on 07980007943 with your name, rider level and lesson which you’re enquiring about.