Guidance for clients having lessons at LPEC             

Please read the guidance below. We want to keep everyone as safe as we can, and we feel that if these rules are followed then it will make Liscombe a safe place for everyone visiting. Everything we are asking you to do is to keep the staff and clients safe.


·       Please only bring one family member with you, or if possible then come alone. We are trying to restrict the amount of people on the yard.

·        Please arrive at the office on the yard and wait until a member of staff meets you there.

·        There is a designated tie up space for each instructor, please use the allocated space unless told otherwise by a member of staff.

·        Only touch what is completely necessary and thoroughly wipe down everything that you come in to contact with I.E the top of the stable door when opening, tie up ring etc.

·        Use your own grooming kit if possible.

·        Clear your tying up station before you leave for your lesson of all your belongings.

·        Keep your distance ALL of the time. Do not get any closer than 2 metres from anyone on the yard. Allow more space if you can. 

·        If you are unsure of how to tack up or have a question about your tack please ask a member of staff to check it before you mount.

·        Check on the board in the office which arena you are riding in and what you need to do with your horse after you’ve ridden.

·        After your lesson you will return to the yard to the designated ‘untacking’ station, wipe down your tack and put it away.


Guidance for families attending our ‘groom and cuddle’ and ‘groom and picnic sessions.


Both sessions

Please ensure that everyone attening has suitable footwear. Boots or wellies are advised, sandals are not permitted. 

·        Please only bring members of your family who have been in your household.

·       You are only permitted to be on site for your allocated time. Please arrive only a maximum of 5 minutes beforehand and leave immediately after your session has finished. We need to be able to monitor how many people are on site to keep everyone safe.

Dogs are not permitted.

·        Children must be a minimum of 2 years old to take part.

·        The ponies have been tied up far away from each other to allow for safe social distancing. You must stay with your allocated pony; do not wander to any of the other ponies or families.

·        Please do not bring any treats for the ponies, they are on strict diets due to the time of year. Feed can be purchased from us and fed to them.

·        If you require any assistance whatsoever, please ask the member of staff present.

OPlease encourage your children to use the toilet at home before you leave, we do have toilets on-site but we would be grateful if you could avoid using them unless it's an emergency! 




Picnic Rules

·        Please do not bring balls, frisbees or any other sporting equipment for your picnic.

·        Please clear up after yourselves, bring a plastic bag for your rubbish to take home with you.